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I usually don’t talk Philosophy, and something tells me the reason I don’t is because I’m hardly good at following my own advice. But I am going to have a go at it, because in a turbulent and what seems to be ridiculously lengthy life, people come and go as they wish, and I am expected to put up with it. Some people say, ‘If you love anything with enough passion, it eventually will come to you’. Is that true, though? I can’t help but disagree. What is life most often compared to? That’s right, a road. Your life, is an Indian gully. Not a highway in the United States, with flowery bushes growing on the divider, and other drivers being most gracious. An Indian gully. Naturally occurring, rain induced speed breakers, boisterous SUVs racing against time to get where they want, two-wheelers sliding through the narrowest of gaps between car mirrors. You have to face people and incidents that throw you into an unnoticeable corner. I can’t continue with this metaphor; you see, I’m not a driver good enough to understand how one gets through that gully (there’s a specific gully in my head, right now). But in this arduous life, how do you fix ambitions, and successfully get to them? Do you love them with enough passion and wait for them to come to you? Most certainly not. But I’ll get to that in a minute.

There is a beautiful saying taken from The Perks of Being a Wallflower: ‘We only accept the love that we think we deserve’. Say you find someone, and decide that this person is worth dying for. You care about him, and hence keep your mouth shut for a year, believing that it would get to him as something of an ambush. But one night, you spit it out. And his response, now that you think about it, is the most beautiful way to let someone down – Uncertainty. When someone tells you that they don’t know if they would ever be able to reciprocate, it leaves you hoping and hoping, but never letting go. But they can let go anytime they like, so things become easy for them. And that, he does. In a matter of 4 months, he lets go. And you’re happy for him. Must have been painful to endure so much, having someone tirelessly lingering around with a heart filled with optimism. Okay, I’m getting ahead of myself…

What I’m coming to, is that like most others, I’d think I am not good enough. I’d think I don’t deserve what I want anyway. So I’d put my foot down and decide that I would work towards becoming that person who I think would be deserving. Not to approach him again in 15 years and demand if I’m good enough yet, but to help myself move on. Because I want to believe that it wasn’t because of me, it was never my fault. Nothing ever was. That’s what you do. You don’t wait for it to come to you, you work! Whether it’s a person, or a goal, or an exam. You work. Because if something comes to you when you know, subconsciously, that you didn’t work hard enough for it, more often than not, it will be short-lived.

Moral of the story? Work towards what you love, and if it comes any sooner than you think you deserve, don’t accept it. Pursue a dream with the sole objective of proving a point to yourself, not someone else. And sometimes, just for a second, take off your thinking cap and unwind. Even in the Indian gully, when there’s vehicles packed inch by inch, the only thing in your power is to turn the engine off, push your seat back and relax.

Title Credits: GOMEZ

(Never attempting Philosophy again)


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