• Rukmini Ravishankar

The End of August


There is a theory that I make up right this second as I write this piece. It states that when 2 people are compatible with one another an outside force can only ruin their relationship so long as it is more powerful than both of them put together. And that’s complete hokum.

We were talking about spontaneity today. And I wondered how I’d sound if I had to begin to write with absolutely no predisposition about the subject matter whatsoever. And what I write this second is the result of an experiment conducted soon after.

I sit in a thoroughly tense atmosphere, with my sister facing an interview call from the other end of the world, and my parents away. People on my phone are no longer talking and all I can hear is the sound of the startled dog and the wheel over a puddle, and of course, my typing.

In due course, these environments will change. I will be alone in my room with my sister hopefully in the other end of the world. Sounds would bother me less. Not because I’d be calmer (never happening, I can assure you), but because of noise cancelling headphones, yes. I’d be writing about not having a sibling around anymore rather than whatever this is supposed to be. My parents would be around, but it just wouldn’t be as lively and energetic. And that’s only because we have always been 4. A strong and honest man striving to protect his family, which supports him at every juncture of his life.

Why does this change bother me? Hey, that’s a stupid thing to ask. 18 years it’s been like this. With little fights and major ones. Harsh words exchanged but prayers said together. Discussions had and words scribbled on the white board. How would it be to be away from an 18 year relationship suddenly for 2 years? How much worse is it when you know it’s probably never going to be the same again? Why am I growing?!

Move up, sister. Reach out to the sky and beyond its limits because that is where you belong. Change is inevitable. Sooner or later, both of us will get used to it, but always remember that I am here. Hoping against all hopes that we get places.

Title Credits: YANNI 


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