• Rukmini Ravishankar

This One's Gone All Cattywampus

When the poll option on Instagram was just introduced, I was quite apprehensive. Swiping through stories, reading all of these questions about ‘Logan Paul or KSI’ and ‘Eminem or MGK’, I never answered a single one – for two reasons. Number 1, I live under a rock. I had to Google all of those names (except for Eminem, please don’t kill me). Number 2, low self-esteem as I’m the queen of, I wondered if anyone actually wanted my opinion. This was how I imagined it would go in the questioner’s mind:

Okay…Rooting for MGK. Come on followers, come on. Yes. MGK, MGK, MGK MGK…Eminem?! Oh, it’s Rukmini’s vote. Pfft, doesn’t matter

Maybe it’s just me being fantastically paranoid, but I’ve never imagined that people would think of me as a person whose opinions are worth considering. When I’m not on the same plane as someone else, my thoughts go this way:

Okay I disagree, Shh, don’t say a word. Wow, that’s wrong on infinite levels. Alright, try saying something. *Says something, fails to make an impact*. Should’ve shut up. From this second on, mum’s the word.

And then entered the concept of embrace. You’re walking on a straight one-way road and there’s no turning back. Embrace makes you take a few backward steps, admire the dreamy sight, lean back and say hello to the sinking sun, laugh as the water gushes towards you and smacks you in the face, then wipe yourself with…rocks, and keep moving.

I started voting on every Instagram story I saw. Just to observe the percentages. 96% there and 4% here, means the guy with 4% was probably scum on the outside and an absolute wonder up-close. One can never know. And if the questioner’s going to disregard my vote, well then I’m all for it. Imagine doing something for the sake of doing it, and it’s not even considered. I’d celebrate.

Whim is underrated. One has to have a random something to do on a random day. Maybe some jazz in front of enemies watching or a yodlee dooo in front of the boss of a job you’re about to quit? I remember a scene from How I Met Your Mother. There are people at a bar playing a drinking game. One shot every time the character Robin says ‘But uhm’. Once Robin realised what was going on, she had the time of her life repeating ‘But uhm’, almost as if she were there, watching these morons getting hopelessly drunk. That looked like fun…

My friend talked about his imaginary friend in an introduction to himself in a considerably formal forum. That’s whim. Saying something completely ridiculous and watching people go nuts about how nuts you are! Am I nuts? I think so…

This is whim. And this is fun. In this world jam-packed with…vehicles, you have to find a way of getting around things. Movies? Music? Yeah, but nothing beats the gobsmacked expression of someone who’s desperate to find an answer to a question designed to hoodwink him/her.

I lit candles on 13th, a Friday. Bloody Mary made me do this. Rosita died.



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